The world’s first study on the atomic scale of future nuclear fuels showcases how chromium can improve performance.

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For the first time globally, collaborative research has shown that materials that can be added to advanced fuels accumulate in certain regions, giving them ideal performance.

(Chromium Oxide)

Adding chromium oxide to the fuel improves the sintering process, resulting in denser particles with larger particles. Due to the ultimate goal of a nuclear reactor being to generate heat that can be used for other processes, such as producing low-carbon electricity, larger grains facilitate heat transfer.

Heat it above 1770 ° C in an atmosphere of hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Adding chromium to fuel manufactured in this way will affect grain boundaries’ structure and chemical properties. Although chromium oxide should be mixed with uranium dioxide, it will separate during sintering. Compared to traditional uranium dioxide, the new nuclear fuel can be fine-tuned to operate under a wider range of conditions. The disordered grain boundaries should allow particles to adhere to the cladding containing them, thereby improving the flow of thermal energy to the reactor coolant and making it more efficient.

TRUNNANO Chromium Oxide

The application of Chromium Oxide in fuels is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Combustion aid

Chromium Oxide can improve the combustion efficiency of fuel, making it burn more completely and reducing exhaust emissions. By increasing the oxidation reaction rate of the fuel, chromium oxide helps increase the combustion temperature of the fuel, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the fuel.


In certain specific fuel reactions, Chromium Oxide can catalyze to promote the chemical reaction process of the fuel. For example, Chromium Oxide can be an additive in diesel engine fuel to improve combustion performance and fuel efficiency through catalytic action.

Improving fuel properties

Chromium Oxide can react with certain components in fuel to improve its properties, such as increasing fuel stability and reducing fuel viscosity.

(Chromium Oxide)

Reduce pollutant emissions

Due to its ability to promote complete fuel combustion, Chromium Oxide reduces emissions of harmful substances such as unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, thereby reducing environmental pollution.

Improving fuel economy

By improving the combustion efficiency and properties of fuel, chromium oxide helps improve fuel economy and reduce energy waste.

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