A concrete dragon boat dancing lightly on the water

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A concrete dragon boat is a carrier of traditional culture and a masterpiece combining modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. Every detail is highly valued during manufacturing to ensure the hull is flawless, lightweight, and sturdy. Concrete, a composite material of cement, sand, stone, and other materials, has demonstrated its extraordinary potential in this project. Traditional Concrete appears heavy due to its natural aggregates. Still, in this project, the team innovatively used low-density materials such as hollow glass microspheres and ceramic particles to replace some traditional aggregates, greatly reducing the weight of the dragon boat. This lightweight Concrete not only maintains the basic characteristics of Concrete but also has a lighter weight, laying the foundation for the successful production of dragon boats.

(The application of Lightweight Concrete Additives)

However, more than simply reducing weight is needed to meet all the challenges. To ensure the strength and durability of the dragon boat, the team also added plastic fibers to the Concrete to enhance its toughness and crack resistance. This design makes the dragon boat lightweight and has the sufficient structural strength to float stably in the water.

(Lightweight Concrete Additives)

In addition, waterproofing and impermeability are also key factors in whether a dragon boat can successfully float on the water surface. When designing materials, the team fully considered this and ensured that every step of the construction process was refined. The resulting concrete dragon boat was lightweight and had excellent waterproof performance.

The construction process of concrete dragon boats is full of technology and innovation. Every step embodies the charm of modern engineering technology, from determining design parameters to using software for modeling, simulation, and resistance testing. This kind of dragonboat is a work of art and a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional culture.

Overall, lightweight Concrete plays a crucial role in producing concrete dragonboats. It reduces the weight of the dragonboat. It enhances its structure and waterproof performance, allowing this traditional and modern combination of works to dance lightly on the water’s surface, displaying unique charm. Such projects enhance students’ practical abilities and stimulate their interest in combining traditional culture and modern technology, injecting new vitality into future innovation and development.

The application of Lightweight Concrete Additives

Lightweight: By adding light concrete additives, the density of Concrete can be reduced, thereby achieving lightweight components. This not only reduces the overall weight of the building, but also helps to enhance the structure’s seismic performance and decrease the foundation bearing requirements.

(Lightweight Concrete Additives)

Improving concrete performance: Additives can optimize the rheological properties of Concrete, making it more suitable for 3D printing. During the printing process, additives help maintain the stability of Concrete and prevent material blockage of the nozzle or segregation.

(The application of Lightweight Concrete Additives)

Enhanced thermal insulation performance: Lightweight concrete additives usually have good thermal insulation performance, which can significantly improve the insulation effect of components. This helps decrease the energy consumption of buildings and achieve the energy conservation and emission reduction goal.

(The application of Lightweight Concrete Additives)

Improving printing accuracy: The use of additives helps enhance the printability of Concrete, ensuring that printed components have higher accuracy and more complex shapes. This provides architects and designers with more excellent creative space.


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