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Introduction Of Hydride

wallpapers News 2020-12-08
Hydrides are alkali metal hydrides. They are all ionic compounds in which hydrogen exists in the form of an anion H-.
Some metals or alloys are good materials for hydrogen storage. Palladium, palladium alloy and uranium are all strong hydrogen absorbing materials, but they are expensive. The most noticed is lanthanum nickel-5LaNi5 (LaNi5H6 after hydrogen absorption), which is a good material for hydrogen storage.

A small cylinder with a capacity of 7L contains the hydrogen (304kPa) that can be contained by lanthanum nickel-5, which is equivalent to the hydrogen contained in a 15000kPa high-pressure hydrogen cylinder with a capacity of 40L (equivalent in weight). As long as it is slightly heated, LaNi5H6 can store all The hydrogen is released.
In addition to lanthanum nickel-5, La-Ni-Cu, Zr-Al-Ni, Ti-Fe and other hydrogen absorbing materials are also under study. It is of greater significance to study China's high-yield elements, especially the hydrogen absorption effect of rare earth metals and their alloys.
Both alkali metal hydrides. When the alkali metal reacts with hydrogen, it produces alkali metal hydrides. They are all ionic compounds, in which hydrogen exists in the form of an anion H-, such as sodium hydride (NaH), potassium hydride (KH) and so on.

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