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What is Lithium Stearate

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What is lithium stearate?

Lithium stearate, C17H35COOLi, is a lithium salt of stearic acid as well as is among the steel soaps. This anemic, almost insoluble powder in water and also alcohol, with a melting factor of 220 ° C, is mainly used in the manufacturing of greases and also waxes from oils. The resulting oil is thermally steady at temperatures approximately about 150 ° C and stays oiled as reduced as -20 ° C. Until the success of lithium-ion batteries, this is the largest measurable application of lithium metal.

Percentages of lithium stearate are likewise made use of to make pencils. The compound has exceptionally reduced poisoning when carried out by mouth, which is why it is also utilized in cosmetics.

What is lithium stearate made use of for?

It is made use of as a general-purpose grease to give high water resistance. Since it can be applied at both low and high temperature levels, lithium stearate is made use of in numerous markets, from the automotive market to the heavy equipment market and also even the aerospace sector. As a general-purpose grease, lithium stearate is also utilized as a stabilizer in the cosmetic and plastics sectors. As a result of its residential properties, the compound can likewise be utilized as a rust prevention in petroleum.

The adhering to are the application locations of lithium stearate:

It can be utilized as a thickener for all-natural artificial oils.

It promotes the manufacture of light-weight steel mold and mildews.

It is a penalty, thicker grease, well fit for high-temperature applications.

It can boost the melting factor and also enhance the elasticity of microcrystalline wax.

Because lithium stearate has a greater melting factor than conventional salt as well as potassium soaps (22 ° C contrasted to 140 ° C), it is much more immune to loss of consistency.

It has remarkable corrosion as well as rust resistance.

Although it'' s water-repellent, lithium stearate functions much better in various other sorts of atmospheres.

This is a great sealant.

What is lithium grease?

Lithium grease was created in the early 1940s. It'' s made from lithium hydroxide reacting with fats. Modern lithium soaps (thickeners) contain 12HSA (12-hydroxystearic acid, or triglyceride) and also lithium hydroxide monohydrate in a base fluid.

Grease is just one of the oldest lubricating substances made use of by humans, going back to 1400BC. It decreases friction, is waterproof, and also gives a seal. Greater than 90% of bearings use grease as a lubricating substance.

The base oil may be mineral oil or synthetic fluid, or a mixture of either or both. Many fats as well as fatty acids appropriate for making lithium soap. Nevertheless, 12HSA and also HCO (hydrogenated castor oil) are liked. Lithium 12-hydroxy stearate grease is possibly the best multi-purpose oil ever before made.

Lithium grease has excellent water resistance (not just as good as calcium), outstanding mechanical or shear stability, superb thermal stability, and also excellent storage stability. In addition to a constant operating temperature of 130 ° C( 266 ° F) and a drop factor of 190-200 ° C. It is one of the most popular bearing oil in almost all commercial fields.

Lithium Stearate Powder Price

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