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Where are Angular Contact Ball Bearings Used?

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Angular Contact ball bearing is a kind of special ball bearing. Similar to radial deep groove ball bearings, the balls are guided through deep grooves with narrow beveled inner and outer rings. Similarly, the relatively small contact area (point contact) between the ball and the raceway makes the rolling resistance very small. The so-called cage prevents ball contact, allowing low friction loads to transmit moving machine parts.
The difference between Angular contact ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings is that the cross section of the bearing is asymmetrically designed. Angular contact ball bearings are designed to withstand loads. The load application line is not perpendicular to the bearing axis, but at a certain angle (contact angle) relative to the vertical axis. For this reason, the design of the shoulders should make it more obvious around the ball (contact area) near the application line (contact angle), so that the load applied at an angle can be better supported. If the angular load is divided into radial and axial load shares, the design of angular contact ball bearings can only withstand axial load in one direction.
The opposite bearing shoulders are less obvious, making installation easier. Care must be taken to properly install the bearings.
The contact angle is usually 15 °, 25 ° and 40 °. The larger the contact angle, the higher the axial load capacity. At the same time, the maximum speed limit decreases as the contact angle increases.
In fact, angular contact ball bearings are usually used in pairs. This allows axial loads to be supported in both directions. Depending on the mode of the load application line, experts discuss O or X layout. If the two bearings are aligned side by side with the same contact angle, then the term tandem arrangement is used.
Modern angular contact ball bearings are usually filled with suitable rolling bearing grease, so maintenance is not required in many applications. No need for sealing and oil supply costs. However, when using grease as a lubricant, no heat is dissipated inside the bearing.

According to the number of balls used, a distinction is made between single-row and multi-row angular contact ball bearings.
In addition, angular contact ball bearings are divided into angular contact ball bearings (common type) and spindle bearings (high precision type) according to the quality and manufacturing tolerances of the raceway.
Four-point contact ball bearings have been developed to support axial loads in both directions.
Angular Contact Ball Bearings are commonly used in the Materials Handling, Machine Tool, Steel Mill, and Wind Energy industries.
Beside Angular contact ball bearings, there are also several types of ball bearings, find more knowledge on bearings, please go to: knowledge of bearings.
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