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What are miniature angular contact ball bearings?

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Miniature Angular Contact Ball Bearings are designed with angle between races and balls while the bearing is in operation. They can support radial load and axial load in different angles.
Miniature Angular Contact Ball Bearings are made in smaller size to meet different needs. Like angular contact ball bearings, they are divided into several types:
Single row
Main dimensions according to DIN 625-1. The inner diameter is less than 10 mm. Economical "all-round bearing". versatile.
Mini flange bearing block unit
In order to simplify the positioning hole, it is assumed that the bearing is fixed therein in the axial direction. The inner diameter is less than 10 mm.
Full ball
Without cage and maximum number of balls, it has a higher carrying capacity than cage miniature ball bearings of the same size.

What are Miniature angular contact ball bearings made of?
Miniature ball bearings made of rolling bearing steel
It is very economical, can withstand extremely high rated loads, and is suitable for temperatures from about -10 ° C to + 120 ° C, if the rubber seal can reach about + 100 ° C in the long run. Rolling bearing steel is wear-resistant, shock-resistant, conductive and magnetic.
Miniature stainless steel ball bearings
It is hygienic for the food industry, resistant to corrosion, and lubricated with grease, provides a high load rating, is magnetic, and allows a temperature range of -20 ° C to + 120 ° C in the case of rubber seals up to approximately 20 ° C. In the long run, the temperature is + 100 ° C.
Hybrid bearings with ceramic balls and rings with stainless steel or rolling bearing steel
Compared with similar size steel ball bearings, it has less wear. Ceramic balls are galvanically insulated and most suitable for engines and generators. Hybrid bearings are lighter than bearings with steel balls of the same size, can withstand higher speeds, and can range from approximately -20 ° C to + 130 ° C in the case of rubber seals up to approximately + 100 ° C Run inside. Long-distance running. Hybrid bearings are magnetic.
Ceramic miniature ball bearings
With extremely high hardness, corrosion resistance and durability, it is very wear-resistant. They have good emergency running characteristics, are lighter than steel bearings of the same size, suitable for dry operation, current insulated, non-magnetic, and can withstand extremely high speeds. The operating temperature of bearings with PTFE cages is up to + 160 ° C, and the operating temperature of bearings with PEEK cages is up to + 160 ° C.
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