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What is double row angular contact ball bearing?

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Double row angular contact ball bearing is a kind of ball bearing with two rows of balls arranged back-to-back. The load action line (load line) at the contact between the ball and the raceway diverges at the bearing axis and forms an angle of 30 degrees with the radial plane. Essentially, they work like a pair of single-row angular contact ball bearings that are paired with each other face-to-face or back-to-back. The difference is that double row angular contact ball bearings can withstand two-way axial loads in one bearing, while in other cases they need to be paired. This means that the bearing is particularly suitable for bearing both radial and axial loads in both directions. They can also provide seals or shields.
Compared with paired single row angular contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings can provide some economic benefits as well as handling and installation benefits. However, in some cases, they may provide less design flexibility and performance.
Due to the higher ball quality, the raceway surface and tolerances for more precise dimensions and operating tolerances is P6 grade, internal friction and noise in bearings is reduced during operation.
Double row angular contact ball bearings has following features: 1. low noise. 2. low friction. 3. improved sealing. 4. higher cost-effectiveness.
Open bearings are suitable, depending on their outside diameter, for different operating temperature ranges. Bearings are available by agreement for temperatures up to +200 °C.

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