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Scientists have discovered a large number of green energy materials and metals on the seabed-previous

wallpapers Tech 2021-01-20
According to British BBC news, scientists have determined that rich storage of rare metal tellurium has been found in an undersea mountain 300 miles off the coast of the Canary Islands. Approximately 1,000 meters below the surface of the sea, it is surrounded by a two-inch-thick rock from the shell of a submarine mountain. The fascinating part of this discovery is that it was previously used as some of the most effective solar cells in the world, and like many rare metals, it is difficult to achieve the same effect as again.
In fact, Bram Multon (Bram Merton), the project leader who discovered the metal mine, has calculated that this mountain can produce 2,670 tons, equivalent to one-twelfth of the world's total supply.
Submarine metal resources have always been abundant. Many rare metals exist in the rocks on the seafloor. Some organizations have also expressed interest in extracting them. For example, the Canadian government, which has always been demanding environmental protection, has been interfering with the mining of seabed resources by mineral development companies at first, but in recent years it has also made some concessions to allow Nautilus Minerals to start mining copper and gold along the coast of Papua Guinea Bay in 2019. . At the same time, the current development of electric vehicles and the demand for clean energy will become one of the most sought-after resources in the future.
For example, earlier this year, an analysis of deep-sea mining experiments showed that even small experiments can damage marine ecosystems, not to mention large-scale activities. At present, it is clear what kind of butterfly effect will be brought if the marine ecosystem is disturbed.
Therefore, the discovery of rare earth has caused a dilemma: it is the resources necessary to create a large amount of green energy, but the exploitation of these resources may cause great harm to the environment. The world is paying attention to how to choose.

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