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The way and type of bearing selection

wallpapers News 2021-01-19
Bearings are important basic components of various mechanical equipment. Its accuracy, performance, life, and reliability play a decisive role in the accuracy, performance, life, and reliability of the main engine. Among mechanical products, bearings are high-precision products, which not only require comprehensive support from many disciplines such as mathematics and physics but also require material science, heat treatment technology, precision machining and measurement technology, numerical control technology, effective numerical methods, and powerful computers Technology and many other disciplines serve it, so the bearing is a product that represents the country's scientific and technological strength.
Bearing selection
Under normal circumstances, thrust bearings and angular contact bearings are used for thrust loads, ball bearings are usually used for high-speed applications, and roller bearings are used for heavy radial loads. In mechanical design, the size of the shaft is generally determined first, and then the rolling bearing is selected according to the size of the shaft. Usually, ball bearings are used for small shafts, and roller bearings are used for large shafts. However, when the bearing is restricted in the diameter direction of the machine, needle roller bearings, special diameter, and super diameter series ball or roller bearings are selected; when the axial position of the bearing in the machine is restricted, narrow or special Narrow series of the ball or roller bearings. The load is the most important factor in selecting bearings. Roller bearings are used to bear heavier loads, and ball bearings are used to bear light or medium loads and can bear shock and vibration loads. In terms of the direction of the load, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, or needle bearings can be selected when bearing pure radial loads.
In addition, the limiting speed of grease-lubricated bearings is lower than that of oil-lubricated bearings, and the limited speed that can be reached by the oil supply method of the bearing has an impact. The product catalogs of most bearing manufacturers provide the limit speed value of their products. The practice has proved that it is better to work at a state lower than 90% of the limit speed. The quality of the bearing's self-aligning performance is related to its allowable different axial degrees—the greater the value of the different axial degrees, the better the alignment performance.

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