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The New Member Of The MAX Phase Material-The Element A Is Zinc

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The MAX phase is relatively new to many people. This is a classification of materials. When you study chemistry, you should have heard of the periodic table of elements. On the periodic table of people, people also divide and classify.

For example, metal elements, main group elements, sub-group elements, excessive metal elements, etc., anyway, it isn't easy to come up without looking at the information. The M in the MAX phase represents the transition metal element, A refers to the main group element, and X represents carbon or nitrogen. The substance composed of these elements belongs to the MAX phase material!

The MAX phase material has many excellent performance characteristics such as lightness and high conductivity of ceramics and metals. For example, the relatively famous MAX phase material Ti3SiC2 is a new material because of its self-lubricating, high toughness, and electrical conductivity The focus of research in the field.

However, the acquisition of MAX phase materials is complicated and is also a globally recognized problem in the field of modern material synthesis. To achieve breakthroughs, the United States, Japan and other countries have already carried out decades of research and have not yet made outstanding breakthrough achievements.

Just recently, a new type of MAX phase material was newly synthesized in our country. It is reported that the A element of the MAX phase material is zinc. While expanding the "family members" of the MAX phase material, it also provides our country with MAX The development of phase materials has played a perfect role in promoting, for example, high-temperature structural materials, electrode brush materials and chemical anti-corrosion materials are likely to bring positive effects.

The development of the material industry, especially in the event of new and super materials, has always restricted the development of many fields. We need constant innovation, continuous breakthroughs, and constant growth.

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